January 2018 | Fly Me To The Moon Travel

8 Top Things To Do on a Staycation in Attica

There’s a reason why millions of travellers flock to Greece every year — enchanted with its unique charm which graciously spreads across the myriad of islands dotting its historical land. Most stop in Athens for a short while, curious to get a glimpse into its magnificent past. For many, Athens is the final destination where

Hidden Destinations: The Dodecanese Islands

If you are thinking of where to go in Greece in 2018, how about escaping to one of the lesser-explored destinations, the Dodecanese Islands?

The Mushrooms of Greece: History, Foods and Festivals

The mushrooms of Greece are yet another fascinating aspect of Greek culture.  They are a part of the gastronomy, and even a way of life.

Epiphany in Greece: Celebration and Meaning

The Epiphany in Greece is one of the most fascinating of cultural traditions to witness during your travels.


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