February 2018 | Fly Me To The Moon Travel

6 Top Museum Café Experiences in Greece

Greece is certainly known for culture. And it’s also known for café culture. So it stands to reason that most museums will have a fine café to complement the experience — a place to reflect on your impressions, write in your travel journal, and charge up for the rest of the day or night. Here

The Culinary traditions of Clean Monday

Clean Monday or Kathara Deftera is one of the most important Greek celebrations which is represented with numerous unique traditions being held in many towns and islands around Greece. Let’s explore how the Greeks celebrate one of the most prominent holidays of the year.

The Ultimate Guide to Greek Street Food

The best cultural immersion experience is to discover a destination through its cuisine. Greece is a mecca for foodies. Rich in aromas, flavors and influences — it’s been named one of the world’s healthiest cuisines. Did you know that there is more to Greek street food than souvlaki and gyros? To help you delve deeper


Dear Traveler, Greece is one of the most sought-after destinations in the world. From rich historical traditions to hundreds of magnificent islands with strong cultural cores, the country offers unique experiences for every type of traveler. In our “Some things you didn’t know about Greece” issue we showcase the numerous wonders Attica has to offer —

Constantin Erinkoglou: Notos and the Greek cuisine in Brussels

A highly reputed Greek Chef, Constantin Erinkoglou holds the title of the Ambassador of Greek cuisine in Brussels. Despite his numerous accolades, acclaims, and skills — Chef Erinkoglou boasts humble beginnings having started his culinary journey is his grandmothers’ kitchens in Greece.

Adrere Amellal – an oasis in the Egyptian Siwa oasis!

We loved spending four days in this amazing Eco-lodge in the Siwa oasis in Egypt. Swimming in the salt lake, horse riding, hiking, visiting the old Siwa settlement and the temple of Amun (Alexander the Great oracle), tasting traditional food and touching base with Egyptian sunsets!