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Imagine a rejuvenating reward for your team in Greece. A corporate wellness retreat focusing on a holistic approach to health will spark productivity and creativity. An easing of tensions will give clarity of focus, a heightened sense of purpose. It will also eliminate the traces of day-to-day strain and improve communication in your team. 

Greece is the ideal destination for wellness. This is the land that gave birth to timeless philosophies of wellness in mind and body that are still the foundations of a well-lived life today. Equilibrium between the internal and the external was at the core of the philosophies of Hippocrates, the father of medicine who gives his name to the physicians’ oath. And consider these words of Plato: “The greatest mistake in the treatment of diseases is that there are physicians for the body and physicians for the soul, although the two cannot be separated.”

Holistic wellness is central to the Greek way of life, in the ancient times as today. 

Corporate Wellness Retreat in Greece 

We’ve compiled a selection of inspiring corporate wellness retreats in Greece which we believe are ideal choices for the ultimate relaxation getaways for your team. 

A Luxury Spa Retreat in the Peloponnese 

A very special state-of-the-art luxury wellness facility draws on the wisdom of Ancient Greece and marries it to the philosophies of China. The wisdom of East and West are in harmony – maintaining a balance between the internal and the external, between the body and the elements of the earth. The seasons and the cycle of life are mirrored in the elements. Hippocrates’ concept of “Holon” and the Taoist concept of unity convey a single truth.

The spa facilities incorporate the elements of the earth meaningfully into their designs. The tepidarium –  a word used in the baths of the ancient world – is a room whose surfaces all radiate the optimal temperature for healing and well-being. The steam baths are inspired by Byzantine tradition. A well for Kniepp therapy has a soaring 25 meter high ceiling drawing in the light of the sky. The highlight of the spa is perhaps the womb-like sphere pool, whose domes are inspired by those of Hagia Sophia.

The cuisine of the spa is an essential aspect of the healing experience. The concept of harmony with nature guides the menu: the best local organic produce is the cornerstone, supplemented with healing teas of herbs, seeds rich in nutritional oils. Dining is also a pleasure to the soul.

For more spiritual pleasure, you can explore the surroundings. The spa’s location is carefully chosen, to harness the historic and spiritual energy of lovely Mistra, a castle town that is also a UNESCO world heritage site. Nearby is Monemvasia, a fortified peninsula where the world of the Middle Ages is beautifully preserved. The Aesclipeon – a center of healing of the ancient world – is nearby, and next to it is the ancient theater of Epidaurus, where your soul can still be nourished with a performance by moonlight.

A Yoga Retreat at a Private Villa in Corfu

Perhaps you would like total privacy for your team. In this case, a luxury villa with a private pool in Corfu would answer your wishes perfectly. 

Simply being in Corfu is a wellness experience in itself. This marvelous island – the largest in the Ionian Sea – fully deserves its reputation for elegance and luxury (and a touch of royalty – the palace Mon Repos is the birthplace of Prince Phillip of England). The island was heavily fortified by the Venetians and looks like a fairy tale. Corfu is rich in natural beauty, with lush vegetation, famous beaches and hidden coves. You’ll be sharing the island with over 150 species of native and migrating birds, as well as more wildlife.

Your private villa can become a place to rediscover harmony, both individually and as a group. With a private yoga instructor and wellness coach, all members of your group, regardless of their level of fitness or experience, can experience holistic wellness. Enjoy hikes in the surrounding nature, and swims in secluded coves reached by private boat, with plenty of meditative time to internalize the experience. With a private chef cooking with the finest local produce and fresh caught fish, you’ll experience the benefits – and delights – of the Mediterranean diet. Corfu has some unique specialties – like “bourdeto” – a culinary vestige of its Venetian heritage.

A corporate wellness retreat at a private villa in Corfu can be a transformative experience.

Have Fun Getting in Shape: Paros with a Private Trainer

Paros unites stark Cycladic beauty – a rugged and dry landscape, those whitewashed sugar-cube houses – with true elegance. The main town, Parikia, is an intriguing mix of neoclassical mansions, a Venetian fortress, and the classic purity of traditional Cycladic architecture – all covered in swathes of bougainvillea. This is a sophisticated island that has kept its authentic character intact. And while there are many luxurious options for dining and recreation, the mood is calmer than other famous islands of the Cyclades.

In the Cyclades, you experience the clarity of the light of Greece. All the elements are here at their most pure – a cleansing breeze to cool the heat of the sun, refreshing waters in impossibly bold jewel tones. 

A fitness-oriented corporate wellness retreat on Paros rewards your team with lasting benefits to their health and productivity. A private villa can be arranged for you for a total wellness experience. A star personal trainer can work with your team individually to help them reach new levels of fitness, which will enhance their total sense of well-being. In addition to targeted workouts with your personal trainer, you’ll enjoy the island itself through other fitness activities, like jogging on of the pristine beaches and refreshing yourselves with a swim in the gorgeous waters. And the surrounding landscape is made for hiking, traversed with Byzantine paths called “strates” – once used for farmers to bring goods from one village to the next, now ideal for exploring the enchanting villages and surrounding countryside. 

It’s not all work on this fitness retreat of course. Sharpened by exercise, appetites are satisfied by an in-house chef preparing the finest local specialties. You and your team are in for a culinary treat. Cycladic cuisine has a purity of flavor, intensified by the generous sun. Healthful eating – the seasonal melons like perfume, the fresh-caught fish – is a healthy pleasure in Greece. 

As the body is recharged and indulged with excellent food, massage is another healthful pleasure that complements a fitness retreat ideally. Your team can recuperate from the exertion of their workouts with therapeutic massages in the comfort of the villa. 

Greece has a wellness destination that answers every need for your team- whether to be cleansed through a luxury spa retreat, to focus on holistic well-being with a private yoga instructor, or to have a great time together getting into the best shape ever. Whatever you choose, your team – and your productivity and creativity back home – will enjoy lasting benefits from this transformative experience.