Dear Traveler,

This summer we invite you to discover the exciting and diverse destinations we have selected for you in Greece.  At FLY ME TO THE MOON our goal is to connect you with the best qualities of each destination through unique experiences and adventures.

In our Rejuvenating Journey in Greece issue we’ve curated a selection of corporate wellness retreats which we believe are ideal choices for the ultimate relaxation getaways for your team. Greece is the ideal destination for wellness. This is the land that gave birth to timeless philosophies of wellness in mind and body that are still the foundations of a well-lived life today.

With hundreds of Greek islands to choose from, we understand that selecting the ultimate holiday destination can be quite a challenge. That’s why if you are seeking for an island which is rich in natural splendor and in traditional culture, Kythira offers all that and more. We’ve rounded up all the highlights of one of Greece’s hidden gems. Read on to find out more!


We are all familiar with UNESCO world heritage sites. Visitors to Greece will be fortunate to see many monuments, archaeological sites, churches, and other places inscribed in the registry. Equally valuable, and more difficult to quantify, UNESCO has also sought to safeguard treasured cultural practices. Rebetiko a beloved genre of music with an interesting cultural history is Greece’s Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Let’s embark on this exciting journey of exploring the endless wonders of Greece.

Sincerely yours,

Elena Papanicolaou