Autumn mood

Dear Traveler,

We believe that small pleasures are a big deal and as summer draws to a close and autumn announces its arrival, we find ourselves confronted with the autumn mood.

Trees start to shed leaves, the weather cools down and Mother Nature reminds us that seasons come and go, but memories remain.

Take pleasure in the little things — which in fact are the most luxurious ones. With every season we strive to grow, develop and explore new and exciting possibilities for our guests.

In our “Autumn mood” Issue we have curated a series of blog posts which focus on both the past and present, connecting with the environment and focusing on appreciating nature’s finest gifts.

We will take you on a journey to explore some of the most remarkable lighthouses in Greece, witness the phenomenal suspended mountain peaks ofMeteora, be inspired by visiting some of the lesser-known Museums of Athens and finally introduce you to the elegant Cycladic island of Syros, a perfect destination to visit at all times of year.

Greece is a 365 days destination. Get ready to plan your next mini-break for the mind, body and soul.