Dear Traveler,
I truly hope that you are well and in good spirit.

As Greece slowly but steadily begins to ease its restrictions to travelers, we feel the sense of excitement and new possibilities. Waking up from hibernation, or as a butterfly that spreads its beautiful wings for the first time. There is hope and the dream of travel is alive again.

However, as we had the time to reflect, to go inwards and to ponder for days and weeks, we discovered something equally exciting yet profoundly meaningful and that is… travel with a purpose.


We invite you to discover Greece in an enhancing, meaningful manner, to embrace travel which is impactful, authentic, secluded and self-containing at the same time.

A perfect way to do so is by selecting private secluded accommodation, away from the crowds where you and your loved ones can reconnect, rejuvenate and celebrate. There are plenty of destinations across Greece that remain great secrets – destinations untouched by crowds, and often by time itself.


And while you explore these hidden corners of Greece, you can delve deeper into its culture and history, while discovering the basic human needs to express both joy and sorrow, to feel and to bond. Admirably enriched with graceful and intertwining harmonies, expressed in folk dances… Let us introduce you to the Greece we love.

Join us on the greatest adventure yet to be discovered.

Happy June, Happy Summer!


Elena Papanicolaou