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Dear Traveler, I truly hope that you are well and in good spirit. As Greece slowly but steadily begins to ease its restrictions to travelers, we feel the sense of excitement and new possibilities. Waking up from hibernation, or as a butterfly that spreads its beautiful wings for the first time. There is hope and the

Elena Papanicolaou Talks Fly Me to The Moon’s Bespoke Travel Offers To Greece

LIFESTYLE Specialising in bespoke travel design, with both a private and corporate client-database, Fly Me to The Moon provides unparalleled attention to detail and a personalised approach to each endeavour. May 21, 2020 | By Julia Roxan

Greek Traditional Dances

One of the many wonderful things about Greece is the strong role that traditional culture continues to play in modern life. You’ll see this at any festive gathering of Greeks abroad, and celebrations in Greece. Weddings, saints’ days, Baptism parties, or any time the mood strikes - these are all occasions for celebrating life through

A Private Family Holiday in a Greek Villa

What could be more idyllic than a private family holiday in Greek villa? Reuniting with family is essential. And nothing strengthens a sense of deep family connection like creating memories together. Surrounded by the natural beauty and seclusion of a hand-picked Greek landscape, and ensconced in seclusion and luxury in an enchanting and self-contained villa,

FLY ME TO THE MOON TRAVEL Newsletter Volume 50

Dear Traveler, I trust that my email finds you in good spirit and health! As days progress into weeks, we are forever hopeful that wonderful days will return to our horizon. Like many of you I’m sure, we’ve been busy reflecting, reevaluating and realizing what a true blessing travel has been in our lives. All it