Dear Traveler,
Let’s salute the last month of the year, a year that has been both rewarding and inspirational. As we reflect on the subjects we have touched upon on our blog in 2019, the stories told have been many and diverse. For our last newsletter of the year, we have decided to shine the light on a vital element of any journey — and that’s the past.
In our “Digging into the past” issue we embark on a fascinating discovery that takes us as far as to the glorious Bronze Age Culture of Greece. We encourage you to travel along the trail of the Mycenaeans — who were not only skilled warriors, lovers of art and beauty, but also successful traders throughout a large area of the Mediterranean.
A country’s culture cannot be complete without its cuisine — and food is a subject we love to cover often. Greece’s cuisine is a true expression of place and time, nature and season. A cuisine that is honest and loved all over the world. We invite you to read on to find out more!

And finally no great story has ever been told without a mention of family and our ancestors. Since ancient times the Greeks have traveled far and wide, spreading the Greek heritage across all continents. There are so many people of Greek descent worldwide, and many still want to deepen their connection to Greece. We know it matters, and we are here to help you make the right connections.


We would like to thank you for trust and support throughout the year.  Your dedication means the world and inspires us to share unique stories from the country that we love so much.
So how are you ending the last chapter of the year?

Sincerely yours,
Elena Papanicolaou