Dear Traveler,

As we welcome August, the busiest month of the summer, it is time to disconnect and recharge. We sincerely hope that you are reading this Newsletter while you are lounging somewhere remarkable, — and if not, we hope that you are just a few steps away from taking your well-deserved holiday.

In our “The Power of Storytelling” issue we were inspired to shed light on the meaning of words and how over the millennia stories have traveled far and wide – shaping the experiences that we encounter today.
Stories make room for emotion, they allow us to feel and to connect with the destination and the people we meet on our journeys. They influence our lives and the choices we make in countless ways. The thousands of small islands that rise from extraordinary seas, might be deserted today but they all have some sort of story to tell – and they will certainly enchant those visitors who are looking to dig a little deeper.
You must have heard that names hold meanings and sometimes hidden messages, well it’s true. To discover the origin of the names of our favorite destinations and how and why they got their modern names, we invite you to read our latest article. You will definitely be surprised.
We invite you to discover the unspoiled gems of Greece. Are you ready?
Sincerely yours,

Elena Papanicolaou