August 2021 | Fly Me To The Moon Travel

Contemporary Cultural Festivals that Enrich the Greek Summer

Summer in Greece is about so much more than the stunning beaches, the archaeological sites, and the incomparable landscapes. Besides being the season of long days under the glorious Mediterranean sun, it’s also the season of exciting nights of music, dance, cinema, and - this being Greece - of course theater. Summer is the finest

Traditional Panigyria – Celebrating the 15th of August on a Greek Island

A traditional Panigyri - a religious festival - is a highlight of the season for Greeks and also for visitors who seek a truly authentic experience. Visiting a panigyri is a wonderful way to connect with the culture of Greece. These celebrations held in honor of a patron saint, the Holy Trinity, the Holy Spirit,


Dear Traveler, As we welcome August, the busiest month of the summer, it is time to disconnect and recharge. We sincerely hope that you are reading this Newsletter while you are lounging somewhere remarkable, — and if not, we hope that you are just a few steps away from taking your well-deserved holiday. In our “The