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Corfu is without doubt one of the most glamorous destinations of Greece. Like an emerald in the Ionian sea, this lush green island has a uniquely aristocratic history. Three centuries of Venetian rule have given the island some grand fortifications, lending an air of romance. Periods of French and then British rule followed, further enriching the architecture of Corfu with splendid structures such as the Liston, Mon Repos – birthplace of Prince Phillip, and St. Michael and St. George Palace – the only example of Georgian architecture in Greece.

The landscape of Corfu is also uniquely captivating. Corfu is known for its magnificent vegetation, its secret coves and pristine beaches, and its crystal clear turquoise seas. 

Of course, this uniquely elegant Greek Island is an extremely popular destination. But it is also possible to enjoy Corfu in a rarefied air of total seclusion, in a grand villa offering unparalleled luxury. 

The Majesty of Corfu

Villa Ultima Corfu is situated in an idyllic location. Overlooking the Ionian Sea, this spectacular residence commands a wonderful view of the Greek and Albanian coastlines. One can take in the sweeping vistas from the well-appointed terraces that span the length of the property. Or even from the infinity pools – of which the Villa Ultima has two, on different levels, joined by a waterfall. A pool cabana with a bar, shower, and dining area ensures the perfect poolside experience as one revels in the stunning Ionian views.

The infinity pools are only the beginning of the amenities that a stay at the Villa Ultima offers. For one, while one can swim in the infinity pools with an ocean view, there is also a glass elevator descending the face of the cliff to a private terrace and private dock. Here, two areas have been carved from the rock and furnished with sun loungers and parasols for relaxation and a refreshing ocean dip.

In fact, the sea view can be enjoyed from multiple levels. In addition to the main terrace with its pools, there are also three additional terraces descending along the cliffside. The villa’s design has harnessed the dramatic power of the landscape of Corfu to its maximum advantage, embodying the very majesty of Corfu – the light, the air, the endless beauty of the Ionian. 

That dock is for the private yacht charter, for a leisurely cruise in the jewel-like waters of the Ionian and for watersports, including water-skiing, e-foiling, and sea bobs.

Wellness at the Villa Ultima Corfu

A stay at the Villa Ultima also lends itself to being a total wellness retreat. Each guest can enjoy a total wellness experience suited to their wishes by an expert staff. The villa has every facility for a program of wellness and relaxation, inside and out. 

There is a lovely private hammam with mosaic tiling and heated stone seating. A session in the hammam can be accompanied with a massage – one of the many signature services includes a massage therapist. The massages can be in an air-conditioned setting or out on the poolside terrace. 

For those wanting to take a more active approach to wellness, there’s also a private fitness coach and physical therapist. The villa has a fitness gym in the wellness center. The wellness experience extends to the terraces, where one finds a dedicated yoga area under a pergola for total serenity and endless views of the sea. The spa also has an aesthetics clinic.

Unparalleled Excellence in Every Detail

Luxury brands enhance the complete guest experience, consistent with excellence at the Villa Ultima. The Corfu team has selected brands ideally suited to the setting. One finds Swiss Perfection products in the Spa. The private bathroom amenities are from Bulgari. The ambient scents are from Baobab, and there are Hermès products for comfort.

That same spirit of excellence extends to the fine dining experience. Fine champagnes and wines from France and from vintners around the world stock the cellar of the villa. These are expertly paired with the dishes of the day by the Villa Ultima’s private chef. There is a choice of places to dine. There is a beautifully-appointed dining room that adjoins the terrace, and the pool cabana has its own covered dining area as well.

Completing the outdoor pleasures one associates with the best of a luxury Mediterranean lifestyle, an outdoor cinema screening can be arranged. Or, one can enjoy a film in the villa’s private cinema.

This luxury experience can be enjoyed by parties up to twelve, accommodated in 6 double en-suite rooms, two of which are splendid master bedroom suites with their own dressing rooms. There is a main villa and also a luxurious guest house, ensuring the ultimate in privacy and comfort for all guests.

Details separate the Villa Ultima’s rare experience. Every detail is arranged by a dedicated concierge. A service staff keeps everything in pristine condition with housekeeping to the highest standards, while a security team ensures safety and ultimate privacy. Even reaching the Villa Ultima Corfu is a delight; helicopter transfer treats one to still more majestic Ionian views.  

Every detail of the Villa Ultima Corfu is designed with the aim of enabling guests to be able to fully embrace the sense of place for the ultimate Corfu experience. We invite you to be part of this magical experience.