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Dear Traveler, If a holiday in Greece has been on your mind you have come to the right place, as we can surely give you plenty of reasons why you simply must experience the diverse beauty of this magical country. Greece is a country of many faces and contrasts. Once you embark on your Greek Odyssey

Greece and Fashion – an Eternal Inspiration

Is it possible to imagine drape and flow without thinking of the elegance of the Chiton - the ancient Greek garment immortalized by sculptors gracing the curves of subjects, rendered in marble? The eternal beauty of Greece has been an endless source of inspiration for fashion designers - and indeed for fashion - throughout the

Villa Ultima Corfu – An Emerald in the Ionian Sea

Corfu is without doubt one of the most glamorous destinations of Greece. Like an emerald in the Ionian sea, this lush green island has a uniquely aristocratic history. Three centuries of Venetian rule have given the island some grand fortifications, lending an air of romance. Periods of French and then British rule followed, further enriching