A Corporate Sailing Retreat in Greece

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Greece is an extraordinary destination for a corporate retreat. It’s not only a place that enables your team to enjoy a complete change of environment, but also experience something meaningful together.

A Corporate Sailing Retreat in Greece

A Sailing Expedition for Your Team

The beauty and complexity of the landscape provides for a variety of intriguing settings and constructive activities. But what about the most elemental setting of all? The soul of Greece is the sea, and the sky; a sailing trip around the Aegean represents the ultimate Greek experience, while making for an extraordinary corporate retreat.

The world-famous Greek Islands number over 600, and fewer than half of those are inhabited. Imagine the sense of adventure and discovery that exploring this remarkable sea and its islands can excite in your team.  An opportunity to get to know each other, and also to get to know yourselves.

A sailing expedition is first and foremost wholly dependent upon successful team work. And then, there is the open sea itself. Completely free of the distractions and conventions of society, people have the opportunity to see what they’re truly made of. Very often, these results are surprising to all- most especially to themselves.

The ultimate reset button

The purity of the blue of the Aegean and the Greek sky is a calming, cleansing sight – both meditative and stimulating at once. It does wonders for mental focus, as it silences temporal, superficial concerns. We speak of broadening our horizons, but usually that’s just a metaphor. At sea, your team will truly experience a sense of boundlessness, unlocking inspiration and creativity.

The Concrete Meaning of Teamwork

Ideally, a team is far more than the sum of it parts. But for such a team to be fully realized, each member of a team has to feel vital. At sea, a success – and even survival – depends on people fulfilling clearly defined and essential roles, and excelling in those roles with pride.

A voyage at sea involves allocation of roles, assuming leadership and responsibility, and establishing clear lines of communication. All of these benefits translate extremely well to the corporate world.

Discovering Untapped Potential

In this raw natural setting, each of your team members will have the opportunity to define themselves anew, both in their own eyes, and in the eyes of their teammates. For example, the socially shy may be physically courageous. This allows not only for self-realization and the discovery of hidden strengths, but also gives team members the all-important opportunity to see – and appreciate – one another in a new light.

 Creating a Fresh Dynamic

As your team members begin to value one another in new ways, the chemistry of the team as a whole is profoundly affected. A sense of mutual esteem boosts team spirit to new highs.

At the same time, that newly-emboldened team spirit is put to the test. Living shipboard is itself a challenge. Sharing a tight space is bound to foster a new intimacy. It’s also bound to test relationships, which in turn gives problem-solving skills and people skills a welcome refresher. Life shipboard requires mutual respect and consideration, qualities that are essential on land as well.

Meeting challenges head-on

Even the most well-charted voyage will have an unexpected turn; at sea – just like in the corporate world – you have to be able to think on your feet. A sailing experience in Greece can mimic the conditions of corporate life, but in a sharper and more elemental way.

The combination of decisiveness, intuitive action, and also the absolutely essential reliance on protocol that a sailing trip entails will bring a grounded dynamism to the workplace.

Embracing Adventure and Discovery

Of course, a corporate retreat is also about having a wonderful time together. Your team will love charting a course and planning an itinerary. Along the way, there will be countless discoveries- a uninhabited island perhaps, or a cave to explore.

Enjoying some much-deserved relaxation under the Mediterranean sun on a secret beach, or a lunch of fish you caught yourselves – on a sailing trip, shared memories are created. These in time form the foundation of a tight corporate culture, creating a profound sense of belonging and increasing loyalty to the team. These are things that strengthen – and sweeten – corporate culture tremendously.

These experiences also instill a certain thirst for adventure. After a corporate sailing retreat, your team will return wanting more of the same, but this time in the corporate sphere. Discovering new territory, meeting adverse circumstances with skill, and maneuvering (proverbial!) stormy seas will all be welcome challenges.

A Little Indulgence

A corporate sailing retreat can also be about rewarding your team. During a sailing retreat in Greece, your team can both work hard, and play hard – with the finest on-board accommodations, professional stewards, and excellent private chefs.

A Sailing Experience in Greece can be the ultimate in both luxury and adventure.

 Have you thought of organizing a corporate retreat in Greece? What do you think of a Sailing Experience in Greece?