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A Corporate Sailing Retreat in Greece

Greece is an extraordinary destination for a corporate retreat. It’s not only a place that enables your team to enjoy a complete change of environment, but also experience something meaningful together. A Corporate Sailing Retreat in Greece A Sailing Expedition for Your Team The beauty and complexity of the landscape provides for a variety of

Summer Recipes in Greece

The temptations of Summer in Greece are nothing short of legendary. Summer in Greece is also the best season for culinary travel. Here are some regional specialties we would love to share with you, plus some favorites enjoyed all over Greece.  Summer Recipes in Greece: Which You Must Try  Corfu Do the names “Sofrito” and

Summer Festivals of 2019

Summer in Greece is a season of fantastic cultural festivals. There are events to suit every interest and every taste: International and Greek artists participate in festivals of theatre, music, and dance in every corner of the country. Many of the festivals are held in historic surroundings. Seeing a production at an ancient theater like

High Profile Travel

Ο luxury τουρισμός είναι το πεδίο δράσης της Έλενας Παπανικολάου, Founder & CEO του πρακτορείου FLY ME TO HE MOON TRAVEL. Μέσα από τις υπηρεσίες της καλύπτει τις επιθυμίες των upper class επισκεπτών της χώρας μας και τους μυεί στην Ελληνική παράδοση, κουλτούρα και τέχνη. Rad More p.32 Let's Talk