Dear Traveler,
As the month of September approaches, we embrace the change of season, and our carefree attitude of the summer months shifts into a cozy and comfortable state of mind. We get excited for what’s to come, everything around us changes as we find ourselves settling into new routines. With this in mind, we decided to dedicate this month’s newsletter to the famous French saying – “joie de vivre”, which means a cheerful enjoyment of life.


This live in the moment approach to life has been the essence of life and existence for the Greeks since antiquity. This mentality is deeply rooted in the fabric of our everyday lives. Placing tremendous importance on socializing, human contacts, caring, and connecting with others. Creating meaningful relationships that nurture our soul. The secret of a happy life ultimately lies in creating a life balance – and this is something that the wise ancient Greeks knew too well.


The Theater of Epidaurus was originally built to host dramatic performances as, in their wisdom, the Ancient Greeks thought that drama is essential to the spiritual health of the patients. Indeed anything one sees here in this magical setting is certain to transport the soul today as well. In our Contemporary Cultural Festivals post, we share a handful of spectacular cultural events one should not miss when visiting Greece during the summer months.


Another noteworthy tradition worth mentioning is the traditional Panigyri – which is a religious festival held in honor of a patron saint, the Holy Trinity, the Holy Spirit, or the Virgin Mary. We share some of our favorite destinations where you can experience our local cultures and traditions.


For those looking to recharge your spirit and bring balance back into your lives, we invite you to carve out some time from your busy schedules and plan a short escape to Greece.  Are you ready to celebrate change and welcome the new season?


Sincerely yours,

Elena Papanicolaou