September 2021 | Fly Me To The Moon Travel

Ioannina and the Surrounding Region: An Ideal Destination for Fall

Ioannina, in the verdant heart of central Greece, is a wonderful destination for fall. A cultured and elegant town situated on a lake, it is also near some of Greece’s best loved traditional villages.   The Lake and the Island Lake Pamvotida is very often called simply the lake of Ioannina. This lovely small city

Pelion – A Magical Autumn Escape

Although well-known among Greeks, gorgeous Pelion somehow still counts as a somewhat under the radar destination. Easily reached and by no means remote, it is still a place that must be sought out. This forested peninsula on the eastern shores, a couple of hours north of Athens, is a refuge of culture and authenticity, dotted


Dear Traveler, As the month of September approaches, we embrace the change of season, and our carefree attitude of the summer months shifts into a cozy and comfortable state of mind. We get excited for what’s to come, everything around us changes as we find ourselves settling into new routines. With this in mind, we decided