Ten Greek White Beaches

    Greek white beaches, either full of bright pebbles or thick with soft sand, are some of the most beautiful getaways you can experience.


    At Fly Me to the Moon, we aim to enrich your appreciation of Greek art and culture. We believe that when you learn more about fascinating aspects of Greece's diverse history and the country's cultural influences in the world of art, your travel experiences truly reach another level. We hope you enjoy this month's newsletter which is dedicated to Greek art

    Greek Pita: A Savory History

    Order a Greek pita, and you are ordering one of the staple foods loved by Greeks.  The Greek pita is a savory pie, baked with delicious ingredients layered inside from vegetables, cheeses to a variety of meat and flavored with Greek herbs and spices.  

    Hidden Island: Spotlight on Ios

    In today’s Hidden Islands series, we are shining the spotlight on Ios. This special place is known as the “flower of the Aegean Sea,” a rare gem of the Cycladic islands — situated halfway between Naxos and Santorini.

    Contemporary Byzantine Painting: Art by Fikos

    Not yet 30 years old, one Greek artist is a rising name in the art world, a pure talent in contemporary Byzantine art. In this Art Tales post, we take a deeper look into what inspires him.

    Ancient Greek Theatre in our Modern World

    This cultural tale will take you on a journey through ancient Greek theatre, an art form that thrives in our modern world. Some ancient Greek plays date back to 700 B.C., taking center stage at festivals to honor the gods, especially for Dionysus, the mighty god of theatre, wine and festivity. At Fly Me to

    Cycladic Islands: Traditional Products to Try

    Traditional Products of the Cycladic Islands  They say that one way to a man’s heart is through the stomach. Perhaps the way to discover a destination’s soul is through savoring its gastronomic delights. Greece is not only famous for its magical islands, renowned hospitality and welcoming people, but it is also a land that offers


    The secrets of the south -Unique travel experiences in the Peloponnese and Saronic Gulf Let's Talk


    ByRebecca Hall, Contributor Travel and Lifestyle Blogger, Rough Guide co-author, Grecophile, Public Speaker and part time English Language teacher I've written previously about this country I love - Greece. And from my previous Huffington Post piece here, you'll know that there's more to Greece than meets the eye. I was, therefore, excited to be given the

    Hidden Island: Spotlight on Kasos

    At Fly Me to the Moon, we are devoted to uncovering the Hidden Tales of Greece. There is much more to explore than the internationally renowned Greek island destinations.  Now, we’ll take you on a journey to discover beautiful Kasos.