May 2017 | Fly Me To The Moon Travel


Dear Traveler, Greece has long been blessed with the finest ingredients, making it one the top foodie destinations in the world. At Fly Me To The Moon we’ve done our research and in this month’sGastronomy Issue we would like to present you with some of the best recommendations for delicious travel around Greece. From learning about

Traditional Greek Chapels: The Saints and Stories

Traditional Greek chapels and monasteries adorn the Greek landscape. Unique in style, they dot much of Greece’s landscapes. You can find them set on endless green plains, tucked in rich olive groves, built high on magnificent mountainous landscapes or set on cliffs overlooking the sparkling Aegean Sea.

Greek Wooden Boats: The history of traditional craftsmanship

Caressed by a gentle sea breeze and illuminated by the glorious sunshine, Greek wooden boats have a proud and long-standing tradition of sailing the Aegean Sea. As time goes on, this great trade will become more precious. Today’s boat makers can embrace their history and preserve traditions so that the generations to follow will have

The History of Moussaka: A Delicious Taste of Greece

Experiencing a perfect forkful of moussaka is a Greek gastronomy experience. Here’s more about the history of moussaka and why it is one of Greece’s most loved dishes.

Scenic Driving Routes in Greece

From coastlines to valleys, traveling via the scenic driving routes in Greece are yet another way to discover the unique beauty of the country.