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Epiphany in Greece: Celebration and Meaning

The Epiphany in Greece is one of the most fascinating of cultural traditions to witness during your travels.

A Greek Christmas Traditions in Photos: Old to New

Travel throughout Greece during the winter holidays and you’ll see a mix of Greek and international traditions. It’s a festive atmosphere that has evolved over time.

The Roadside Shrines in Greece: History and Traditions of Kandylakia

The small roadside shrines scattered here and there, along the curvy roads in Greece, are an important part of the Greek culture.

Stunning Yet Unknown UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Greece

Greece is a crossroads of fantastic art, diverse cultures and numerous civilizations. Over thousands of years, archaeologists and historians have studied and uncovered beautiful pieces of the past including incredible feats of architecture like palaces, fortresses, churches, temples and ancient homes.

Lesser-Known Museums in Athens: Incredible Collections to Discover

The lesser-known museums of Athens are full of incredible artifacts, art and historic relics to discover.

The Thematic Museums of Greece

The thematic museums of Greece delve into topics that are dear to Greek culture and history.

Traditional Greek Chapels: The Saints and Stories

Traditional Greek chapels and monasteries adorn the Greek landscape. Unique in style, they dot much of Greece’s landscapes. You can find them set on endless green plains, tucked in rich olive groves, built high on magnificent mountainous landscapes or set on cliffs overlooking the sparkling Aegean Sea.

25th of March: The Greek Independence Day

The 25th of March marks an important day in Greece’s history. This day is considered both a historical and a religious holiday.

Apokries Traditions: The Greek Carnival

Visit Greece in winter and you may be just in time for a fun, masquerading time called apokries, which is the Greek Carnival.

Gouria: Greek Good Luck Charms

Greek good luck charms, known as gouria, are a steadfast part of Greek culture existing since ancient times. With the New Year, their value is even more prevalent.