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Olive harvest and the making of olive oil in Greece

For many Greeks, the olive harvest is an exciting part of growing up in the country. This special time of year can be experienced by travelers as well.

Greek Spirits: The History and Art of Tsipouro making

You can call tsipouro the most “sociable” drink in Greece. It brings together good friends, good company and must be enjoyed with plates of delicious food.  It also has a rich history that makes it an important part of Greek culture.

The Greek Caviar: Bottarga Messolonghi

There is a Greek caviar and it is none other than the exceptional Bottarga Messolonghi.

Where to Eat and Drink with a View of Athens

Taking in a great view is one of the best travel experiences to have in any city. Here’s where you can eat and drink with a view of Athens.

The History of Moussaka: A Delicious Taste of Greece

Experiencing a perfect forkful of moussaka is a Greek gastronomy experience. Here’s more about the history of moussaka and why it is one of Greece’s most loved dishes.

Cretan Cuisine and the Famous Cretan Diet

Cretan cuisine could be well described as the “soul of the Mediterranean.”

PDO Santorini: One of the World’s Most Ancient Vineyards

Santorini has a unique terroir that is acclaimed worldwide – the PDO Santorini – which makes it one of the most stunning island destinations for the wine connoisseur.

Mastiha of Chios: A Precious Product of Greece

There are many exotic spices in the world but the mastiha of Chios is truly special. The mastic tree, from which it comes from, can only grow on this Aegean island.

PDO Naoussa: Greece’s finest red wines

Certain regions of Greece are known for producing the finest red wines. One of them is PDO Naoussa, where production has been refined with expertise, care and detail.

Traditional Greek Christmas Desserts

Christmas in Greece means all sorts of cultural and food traditions and that includes… dessert!  Indulging in Greek Christmas desserts are a wonderful part of the holiday experience.