The Art of Truffle Hunting in Greece

    The art of truffle hunting has historic roots in Greece and throughout Europe. It is one of the world’s wonderful delicacies that is the perfect addition to a beautifully prepared meal.

    The Most Amazing Gorges in Greece

    Europe’s most amazing gorges can be explored right here in Greece, both on the islands and mainland.

    National Museum of Contemporary Art: EMST PROLOGUES

    The Greek art scene is getting ready for the full opening of a significant new addition to the Athenian landscape, a new National Museum of Contemporary Art in Athens. Some say its Greece’s version of London’s Tate Modern.

    How to explore the unknown spectacular Greece

    Elena Papanicolaou has founded FLY ME TO THE MOON TRAVEL two years ago - after a long career in senior corporate positions. As the name suggests, this charismatic and energetic lady from Athens organizes unusual and very high-end travel packages throughout her spectacular home country. “I think it was time to offer something different, away

    Retsina Reborn: Then and Now

    Some say retsina, a Greek wine, is an acquired taste. It isn’t your typical white thanks to its pine resin aftertaste. No matter what one’s opinion is, retsina is a steadfast part of Greek tradition and “new” versions are up and coming.

    Hidden Destination: Spotlight on Meteora

    Meteora has often been referred to as the spiritual wonder of Greece. Others describe it as being the most miraculous landscape in the region of Thessaly. It is both and that makes it a unique destination to discover.

    Tour Kastoria: The Ghost Town of Korestia

    Greece’s long and turbulent history has led to pockets of abandoned villages which are fascinating to explore. One such village is the ghost town of Korestia, known for its impressive architecture and character.


    Dear Traveler, At Fly Me to The Moon, we believe gastronomy is an important part of the authentic travel experience.  Perhaps the way to discover a destination’s soul is through savoring its gastronomic delights. Greece is not only famous for its magical islands, renowned hospitality and welcoming people, but it is also a land that

    Greece’s Wild Edible Greens: Horta and More

    Collecting, cooking and enjoying wild edible greens in Greece dates back to ancient times. Here’s a look at what you can forage for in Greece…