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8 Top Things To Do on a Staycation in Attica

There’s a reason why millions of travellers flock to Greece every year — enchanted with its unique charm which graciously spreads across the myriad of islands dotting its historical land. Most stop in Athens for a short while, curious to get a glimpse into its magnificent past. For many, Athens is the final destination where

Hidden Destination: Syros Island

The Greek islands are a hotspot for summer vacation, but as we bid adieu to days spent on the beach and transition into fall, let’s explore a secret side to Greece and visit Syros.

Greece’s Shades of Blue

Greece’s blues catch your eye, alluring and untamed, teasing your senses as you get lost in their miraculous contrasts. Greek blues encompass the bold stripes on the flag, a sparkling azure sea, the magnificent sky, to the rooftops and windows of whitewashed houses on the islands and much more.

Private Greek Island Getaway

A visit to any Greek island is one of the top travel experiences I recommend.  This time I was about to embark on a holiday on a private Greek island. It proved to be a setting that combined luxury, authenticity and Greece’s unique island beauty.  

Spetses: An Island of Beautiful Aromas

Spetses is a fragrant, pine-clad island known for beautiful beaches, carefree yet cosmopolitan vibe and a thrilling dramatic history that shaped Greece as a newly independent nation.

Hidden Destination: Serifos Island

Visit Serifos and you’ll be exploring one of the most stunning yet “hidden” Cycladic island destinations.

The Amazing Caves of Greece

The amazing caves of Greece are scattered throughout the country and many impress travelers with their beauty, history and tales.

Hidden Destination: Northern Corfu

Northern Corfu is distinctly different from the rest of the island in many ways.  Here’s a closer look at this fantastic region of one of Greece’s most beautiful islands.

Hidden Destination: Spotlight on Kavala

Kavala is a city of a thousand nights. The former “Mecca of Tobacco” is one of Greece’s most vibrant destinations. Those who embark on a journey here will experience its rich history, full of tales.

Skiing in Greece: Must-Visit Greek Winter Ski Resorts

While many travelers gravitate towards the Greek islands in the summer to enjoy the sun and sea, only a few have yet discovered the country’s dramatic snowy mountains and its traditional surrounding villages.